Happy 2019 New Year from 1919 by da-AL

vintage photo from Argentina of a New Year's celebration
1919 New Year’s, my grandmother celebrating with friends and family. Abuela sits in the middle with flowers in her hair.

A lovely cousin recently gave me a copy of this photo of my grandmother, Julia Vaccaro who was an Italian-Argentine of Buenos Aires — ringing in 1919 with family and friends! Like the United States and so many other places, Argentina is a country of immigrants.

My grandmother's mother, dressed in a dark dress, stands in the middle.
My grandmother’s mother, Rosa, dressed in a dark dress, stands in the middle.

It fascinates me to see such an old photo where everyone appears relaxed and candid. The man who’s wearing pajamas in the tree — did he just wake from a nap in what could be a hammock to his left? Is the woman below worried he’ll fall or does she think he’s crazy? At the bottom, the man toasting looks comfy in his socks. That young boy who seems to have skinned his face is my cousin’s dad. The large woman in the dark dress is my great grandmother. Whatever the woman told the flapper in the middle, it’s given her pause for thought…

Close-up of my grandmother, 1919 New Year's celebration.
Close-up of my grandmother, 1919 New Year’s celebration.

Wishing each of you, dear readers, a New Year filled with joy, vibrancy, love, and good fortune!

With optimism and love,


43 thoughts on “Happy 2019 New Year from 1919 by da-AL

  1. da-AL,

    This is so very cool! Do you have a current picture of family to compare? As my older family members pass on, it worries me that so keep of those generational stories will go with them. My mother was very good at telling stories as is my Dad; however, Mom never wrote them down and I don’t seem to be able to recollect in the same way that she did. Dad doesn’t want to write them down either. My kids don’t seem to be as interested in family history (they’re grown) and they also don’t seem to be in any hurry to have children of their own. Anyway, there are fewer and fewer of us; so this thought is bittersweet having come from a large extended family and watching it dwindle. Anyway, this is my first time on your blog and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Looking forward to reading more! M.L. James aka Mona

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    • so glad you stopped by, Mona – unfortunately I have no clue who most of the people in the photo are. as far as I know, no follow-up foto was taken…


  2. Namaste da-Al, Happy New Year 🙂

    I’d noted a couple of instances when you’d ‘liked’ a comment or two I’ve made elsewhere on WP and curious to know a little more thought I’d pop-by.

    Of course a quick visit would be rude without pausing somewhere on your Blog to say ‘hello’…and what better place than on your New Year’s message where you’d also placed a vintage photo that drew my idle curiosity. I found it something of a fascination not least because of the number of people present celebrating! Whether fall family or inclusive of friends, it is certainly a large gathering. The pyjama clad man in the tree adds a wonderful flourish to the occasion: he is almost missed on first viewing but once seen really does steal the show! It is a delightful photograph, one I imagine that’s been treasured for many years and delighted many family members time and time again. I’m certain you will keep it safe and enjoy it often. Your observation of the photo prolonged my attention so that I might enjoy it more. Thank you.

    I must also mention your father’s wonderful story of being turned away by Salvador Dali! 🙂 It really is an amusing anecdote, and dare I say influenced to some degree your name. To declare him a raconteur delights me no end and quite possibility explains your choice of occupation and successful writing career.

    Which just leaves me to wish you and your husband (and both dogs) a wonderful new year. Enjoy a great weekend.

    Brightest Blessings. Namaste 🙂


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  3. This photo is a priceless treasure, Daal. How fortunate you’ve been gifted a copy. Thank you for all the commentary, even if some is conjecture. You’ve inherited your grandmother’s beauty. Happy New Year to you and your hubby – may you enjoy it with good health and joy.

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  4. What an amazing photograph! (And I also wonder about the man in the tree – not pyjamas, I don’t think – looks like the sort of outfit men wore with a boater (sun-hat, usually straw). Happy new year, Daal, and I hope you have a good, healthy and productive one!

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