Happy Un-Holidays by da-AL

Still from John Water's film, "Female Trouble"

Not feeling holiday cheerful? Don’t despair — holidays are merely dates on the calendar. Before you know it, they’ll be over and done with.

Here’s confirmation that Xmas isn’t always merry — but life can still be funny or at least interesting. The Davenport family holidays, as realized by John Waters, the king cult film-making, with the help of Devine who departed from us far too soon…

Are you feeling holiday-ish?

22 thoughts on “Happy Un-Holidays by da-AL

  1. The “spirit” of the holidays (the love, the happiness, the wonder, the dreams, etc) lies in the heart… every day is a holiday on the path least traveled… 🙂

    “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln

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  2. So very true, Christmas really is a small blip of time yet it can become such a huge deal with infinite stress.
    I love that video, made me chuckle! If only we adults could get away with such temper tantrums that kids can (minus the language, we’re already allowed as much profanity as we want)! 😉

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      • Mine is related to having a bad fall last month and no family. My family bridges were burnt long ago and my husband’s family is in Alabama. What gets me thrilled about the season is the charities we pick this time of year. I support one teacher in the largest underserved 5th graders. Last month I received 50 cards from her students for what my donation allowed the teacher to purchase. I cried, she even sent photos of the kids. The organization is Donors.org, it’s a charity teachers submit their project request and if funded by donations the teacher and kids win. I heard yesterday someone supported over $60,000 to fund all local request. What a blessing for the children.
        I’m rambling, have a great day. 😎

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  3. The blues hits at Christmas, seemingly more (or possibly perceived more) than at any other time. Here was my answer the year Christmas blues hit me.


    © Barbara Grace Lake 2017

    I do not feel like Christmas time
    Please let it all pass by
    This year I will not decorate
    Nor roast nor cookies bake

    I’ll not hang tinsel, bulbs or lights
    My creche stays on its shelf
    No tree will grace my living room
    To hide my gifts to friends

    I’d call my elder uncles, aunts
    It always cheered them so
    A friendly voice on Christmas day
    But no, they’re gone. I’m left.

    I’m old, so old, I can’t bring cheer
    And then a welcome call
    Hi, Grandma love, don’t cook again
    I’m doing turkey, ham

    Give us a chance to cosset you
    You always work so hard
    For once, sit back, enjoy the day.
    One simple call of cheer

    A tree, a small one’s going up
    I’ll honor Christmas Day
    No funky blues can hold it back
    As always, Christmas comes

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  4. Yes, well, I do not like Christmas or for that matter any holiday. I do not like how folks go nuts when holidays come around. People dive too fast, spent too much, drink too much, and eat too much and some can not stand to be around their relatives. I did Christmas when my kids were still home and my husband was alive. Time changes many things and actually I do not miss all the craziness.

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