How’s your public library? by da-AL

How often do you use the public library nearest to you? Books are heaven to me (I’m in the middle of writing two novels!) — but here in Los Angeles, they’re not the only reason to I love them.

Photo of spaniel dog with his nose in a book, reading.
Photo by 2Photo Pots on Unsplash
  1. Any California resident can get a Los Angeles County Public Library card.
  2. All services are entirely free!
  3. Visitors can browse, and cardholders can borrow in-person or order online — materials from hard copies, audiobooks, magazines, music, movies, and more — to downloadable ones.
  4. Los Angeles County has nearly 100 libraries, including bookmobiles. Free of charge, they’ll deliver books from one site to another.
  5. Physically challenged people can have items delivered.
  6. Vocational and fun classes are available online and at their facilities — many online ones engage real teachers.
  7. There’s live online homework tutoring.
  8. Job seekers and business owners have lots of resources.
  9. Enjoy fun events — music, crafts, reading, and workshops.
  10. Over the summer, kids get free lunches.
  11. Lonely or just want to be cozy and quiet? Come on in!
  12. Meeting spaces can be used by groups and tutors.
  13. Get help obtaining a high school diploma.
  14. Wifi, computers, and printers are complimentary. Photocopying fees are nominal.
Photo of spaniel dog with his nose in a book, reading.
Photo by 2Photo Pots on Unsplash

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40 thoughts on “How’s your public library? by da-AL”

  1. You’re preaching to the converted here. I love my public library in Eastern Australia for both its electronic resources and its book collection. We enjoy all the features of your library too da-Al. In addition, we have book clubs and author talks all organised by the library, not to speak of events for children and classes for everyone up to seniors. I try to remember those facilities when I have to pay my council utility bills.
    I especially love your little furry reading buddy. No one has an excuse for not reading.

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  2. We live in the country and the library is in the nearest town about 5 minutes by car from us. It is a very nice modern library and has many different programs including programs for children. It is in a big community center that has a big pool and also warm pool for therapeutic swimming and fitness classes. There is also a gym and an art gallery that has judged competitions and children’s programs and shows of art work. that usually feature Ontario and local artists. I think it is nice that the library is part of all this and it is thriving. My husband is in there every week getting books. It is free.

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