I Slept With My Bully by Kally: Reblog

Photo of a woman on a bed, her back to us

This tragic story, retold by blogger Kally, is all the sadder because the young woman to whom it happened blames herself for what isn’t her fault. To heal, she bravely recounts it to us so that the same thing doesn’t happen to others…


love your column Whisper and I hope by sharing my story, perhaps some young girl out there will learn from my mistakes and maybe save herself from evil.

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10 thoughts on “I Slept With My Bully by Kally: Reblog”

  1. What a terrible story! It was very brave of this young woman to write about it. I wish the World would change for the better and stories like these would soon cease to exist. Not because they stop being told, but because they stop happening.

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  2. Good morning dear da-AL and thanks for sharing this terrible-terrible story. All of us who have daughters always dread this sadly frequent conundrum: allow to be bullied or be fired. Let us hope that there is a new awareness in society about how to combat this abuse. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

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  3. This is very sad. And I am quite shocked that HR did nothing about this if they were aware of his behavior! I hope the person who experienced this can find a way to heal from this truly horrific experience that she should never have had to endure…..

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  4. Unfortunately in spite of the attempts to create an image to the contrary, a good deal of the human race is not as civilized as they like to portray, and many have yet to evolve from the cave… and that is in all matters, not just this issue… and the ideologies use fear to suppress any opposition.. today’s technology is enabling many to make their voice heard, to unite many in a cause and hopefully in time, change will occur and the human race will truly be civilized… 🙂

    “No one can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” Maria Robinson

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  5. There are so many situations like this. Kally is not alone and thousands will follow her unwittingly into this horrible situation.

    I am sixty years old, and despite my years and wisdoms, I have been caught up in the manipulations of men on all sorts of levels. It always comes down to sex and if we are going to be complicit. It is Mysogeny on a huge scale across the globe that is so difficult to fight against. For some reason, most males feel entitled to sex. Some whine for it. Some dine for it. Some just take it, and some wait to be asked, but make no mistake, if sex isn’t there, neither will he.

    My next relationship will be celibate and in my own company.

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    1. many tx for reading & replying, Collette — this didn’t happen to Kally tho it happened to someone she knows. Indeed we need to teach wisdom, awareness, & self-care


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