Breathtaking Bilbao, Spain by da-AL

The Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain
The Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain, features many American artists, from Frank Geary’s architecture to Jeff Koon’s “Puppy” flower sculpture.

Sure Frank Gehry’s amazing architecture at the Guggenheim Museum helped put a failing Bilbao, Spain back on the map. Front, back, in, and out the Guggenheim Museum, Spain, turns perceptions upside down and inside out (tap or click each photo for more info)…

However, art and art-worthy architecture abound everywhere in Bilbao.

There's much notable architecture in Bilbao, Spain.
There’s much notable architecture in Bilbao, Spain.

Along the way to the museum, we stopped to see Azkuna Zentroa. Built in 1909, it now houses a building within a building balanced on unusual columns.

It’s part of the Spain half of Basque Country. That means that both Spanish and Euskara are spoken. Good food abounds, including pintxos, Northern Spain’s version of small delicious plates of tapas.

Bilbao, Spain is a beautiful city.
Bilbao, Spain is a beautiful city.

Our airbnb hostesses Iciar Ruiz (who owns her own design business) and her daughter, Alba, helped us decide what to see.

Iciar and her daughter made our visit extra nice.
Iciar and her daughter made our visit extra nice.

My love and I had just left the beaches of San Sebastián, toured the phenomenal French side of Basque Countrywonderful Huesca, pretty Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, and enchanting Espelette. Our adventure started with beautiful Barcelona. There was more for us to see…


35 thoughts on “Breathtaking Bilbao, Spain by da-AL

  1. Da-Al, I just finished reading Origin by Dan Brown. The story is set in Spain and he went to great lengths to describe the Guggenheim in Bilbao. Fantastic, a museum dedicated to modern art, where the museum itself is an example of modern art. Next up is this marvelous article. If I were able to travel, I think this is where I would like next to go. Thank you for posting this. Barb

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      • A “just remembered item” da-AL, from reading about it, I have a new appreciation of modern art and what modern artists are trying to achieve. For instance, the giant black widow spider is considered both a symbol of death and of life. It stands in a threatening position (death), but carries with it an egg sac (life). I’ll admit that for most modern art I’d almost have to climb into the mind of the artist in order to understand it, but I can still appreciate the work. Do I have modern art in my home? I do have several renderings by my youngest daughter which were created by applying water color on a wet canvas. They are beautiful.

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