45 thoughts on “5. Ever been told…?

  1. Hello da-AL,

    I haven’t been told this exact statement but growing up, people around me have said things that are close to this. It may be culture talking, or how they were nurtured themselves. Such statements can really change the way a person sees themselves.

    Thank you for starting this conversation.


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  2. I’ve never been told that, but I have seen the tragic results of the attitude. Outgoing women and girls with great talent for mathematics, logic, acting, or what have you being passed over for less talented women seen as attractive or beautiful. It’s a cruel world for the less attractive among us. As evidence, the obscene profits of cosmetic companies promising brighter eyes, plumper lips, hiding eye circles, thicker more manageable hair, ad nauseum.

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      • Stella, not all women (nor all men) are unsupportive (& worse) however I have a problem with media that implies we’re automatically all such great ‘sisters’ to each other — while I’m complaining, I also have prob with media’s assumption that all mothers are perfect…

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