Guest Blog Post: Yoga and Exercise in Early Parkinson’s by Dr. Laplume

Painting of people caring for a patient

Physician/author Mario O. Laplume, M.D., MPH, Dr.PH blogs about wellness. Anyone of you readers need additional encouragement to move your bones?…

Dr. Mario O. Laplume

The emergence of a hyper-connected society where patients routinely check new information about treatments and medications for their diseases has completely changed the parameters that a modern medical practice operates in large, urban centers. Patients ask many questions. Patients with Parkinson’s disease and their relatives ask what non-invasive cures might exist.

The practice of Yoga has been shown to improve the muscle strength, flexibility and balance of its regular practitioners; however, its impact dynamic factors like gait, reactive balance and proprioception was not studied until a group studied the effects of a new meditation program.A new study found that YoMed was as effective as the Proprioception Training (PT) to improve the proprioception, balance and power in older patients that had suffered at least one traumatic fall.

Sixteen patients with Parkinson’s disease were randomly assigned to either the YoMed or the Propioception Training groups and they all received 45 minutes of…

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8 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: Yoga and Exercise in Early Parkinson’s by Dr. Laplume

  1. Oh I can see that you liked the tableau of my first page d-Al. It’s a depiction of a brain surgery by Hyeranamus Bosch, the great, eclectic and mysterious painter of the Middle Ages that still both excits and disturbs our placid bourgeois minds. A little shake-up!

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  2. Oh dear! It’s “Hyeronimus Bosch.” Can you tell that I just had a nice dish of sautee chicken breast with polenta prepared by my daughter? Oh I forgot to mention the fabulous bottle of Merlot from Chile’s Patagonia region…Buona notte!

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