1. Ever been told…? by da-AL

Photo of da-AL in Spain with caption: Ever been told 'you write like a man' supposedly as a compliment?

Ever been told ‘you write like a man’ as if you’re supposed to take it as a compliment?

29 thoughts on “1. Ever been told…? by da-AL

  1. Ha! I’ll give you one better: a friend brought in a copy of my short story, totally enthusiastic, “You must read it – look how this guy writes!” I asked, “What makes you think it’s a guy?” He said with a smirk, “A woman can never write like that.”

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  2. I grew up with my brothers and my father. I married a man and had two sons. I don’t know that I write like a man, but I definitely think logically and emotion gets a back seat in my thought processes. It IS a compliment!

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  3. I wonder why emotions rank under logic? Why can’t they just stand side by side as different but of the same value? And I know a lot of woman, who are not over emotional and men, who are. So, why not just drop all these prejudices? If we were all the same, that would be so dull! 😉

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  4. I’ve been told that I ‘think like a man’ ever since I was a teen. Don’t know that they meant it as a compliment but rather that they were bewildered by it.


  5. I was just talking about this with my husband last night; the polarities of ‘expert’ tones in clinical books. They do have a tendency to be either too hard or too soft which may be the fault of a publishing paradigm. Thankfully there are writers who refuse to yield regardless of gender. I’ve yet to be accused of anything other than ‘dark and confusing’ by my mother who has also told me on more than one occasion how masculine I look. Haha. Thus, I write. !


  6. Well, there’s a new one. Why pick “a man” as the compliment part? I think you write like a boss! Whether that’d be a female or a male boss I’ll leave completely up to your interpretation 🙂


  7. I’ve been told I have the logical mind of a man. I do not take it as a compliment because I feel I have the logical mind of the woman I am. I also have the emotions of the woman I am. I am not afraid to have people see me cry, or laugh, or be depressed or become angry. Without emotion, without deep feelings, I could not write poetry. But there always has been a bias against women writers, not so much now, but in the past. Even marvelous writers like Ursula LeGuin started out writing as U.K. Leguin. The Bronte sisters’ first published works were under the names of men. No, saying a woman writes like a man is no compliment.


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