Guest Blog Post: “7 Summer Tips for Furry Companions” by Jenny Perkins

How do you keep your pets cool during the dog days of summer? And do dogs pray to Saint Roch who aids dogs, falsely accused folk, bachelors, and more?

Animal Behavior Specialist/writer Jenny Perkins provides canine nutrition, health, and care tips on her blog. Here Pup helps dog owners become great pet parents…

Dog with sunglasses at the beach

Summers are here in the U.S. which means it is the time for some outside fun. While our dogs love to hit the beach with us, play outside and walk around the block, the soaring temperatures can make it difficult for our dogs to keep themselves cool. Since our furry companions can’t sweat like their humans to regulate their body temperature, we need to take the essential steps to keep our pups safe during the hot weather. Here are seven tips for dog-parents to keep their pooches healthy and happy this summer

Provide Fresh and Cool Water to Your Dog

Our dogs can get dehydrated in the summer which puts them at the risk of heatstroke.  Be sure to provide your furry companion with cold water which is replaced at least every day. If he plays outside, then keep a water bowl in a shaded area and add ice cubes to it whenever you can. 

Don’t Leave Your Dog in a Closed Space 

Leaving your dog in a car is a bad idea even when you feel that you will be back in a few minutes or the temperature isn’t that hot. Just a couple of minutes in a suffocated car can lead to your dog developing heatstroke, so it is best to leave your pooch at home when you head out. 

Prevent Against Fleas and Ticks

Warmer weather is an indication of pesky pests being on the rise which can be dangerous for your pup. Parasites such as ticks and fleas carry the risk of various illnesses so protect your dog against ticks using topical solutions or collars.

Protect Your Dog against the Sun

You may not believe it, but even dogs can get sunburns particularly those with light-colored or short coats; therefore, it is crucial to provide some extra protection in the sun. Consult your veterinarian regarding non-toxic sunscreens that are safe for dogs and apply them before going outside. 

Take Steps to Keep Your Dog Shaded

If your dog lives outside the home, then make sure he has shady spots under trees where he can rest or set up a tent or umbrella. Keep his house in a grassy area as concrete retains heat and add a fan to provide fresh air. 

Keep the Paws Cool

We may not realize it, but the asphalt pavements outside can get hot during summers; our feet are insulated by shoes whereas our pups have to walk without their paws having any protection. To prevent your pup’s paws from getting burned, try keeping your pet off the asphalt pavements. Also, avoid metal surfaces such as the bed of a truck.  

Limit Your Dog’s Exposure to the Sun

Don’t risk your dog by taking him out for walks during the time of the day when the temperature is on the rise. Instead, consider exercising him in the early hours of the morning or the evening when it is cooler outside. 

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  1. Yes, we tend to forget that they can’t walk on heat surfaces like us, so we have to be careful and avoid taking them out in the mid morning or afternoon. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

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