Guest Blog Post: “Water: Miracle Drink,” in Amna’s exact words

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Thank you Ryan McGuire of

Simple solutions are elegant and often the most efficient when it comes to so many things! Here’s Amna’s secret to good health…


If someone ask me that “what you love most in this world”?

Definitely I will say “water”


As mostly I write personal experinces and thoughts in my blog and here I am again sharing some personal experinces.

Your 50-70% health is associated with water.About drinking 3 liters water a day will do wonder in your life and resolve many health issuses.Some of these are here


Headache is mostly caused by dehydration and you feel ill and lazy solution is drinking adequate amount of drinking water.

Bones and muscle pain are also released by drinking water

Healthy Skin

Water activates blood circulation in blood when blood is flowing in moderate speed first impact appears on skin and its glow will enhance and remove toxins from blood as blood is clean so acne problem is almost of most vital reason of acne is toxic blood.Your kidney will work efficiently.

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9 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: “Water: Miracle Drink,” in Amna’s exact words

  1. I have to disagree. Dr Mercola said it best. Don’t put anything past your lips unless your body is really asking for it. Drinking more water than necessary can be a strain on your kidneys. It’s a real pain to have to pee every 15 min. Trust me, I know this from experience which I wrote about here:
    I hope you will take a look and also become aquatinted with H.A.E.S.

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  2. I have to agree with Morgan. Our fluid intake is conditional on what our body needs. The three litre daily requirement is excessive for many people. Remember, a lot of fluids come from fruit and vegetables too.

    On a slightly different note… Water is only the liquid version of ice or gas options of the chemical constitution of this necessary element. After water becomes ice and then melts back to water, its elemental structure is slightly changed and has a more amenable disposition for consumption. Try a test… Drink your water as it comes, then freeze some and melt it again…see if it tastes different. If you drink tap water, boil it first to drive out the chlorine (becomes a gas), and cool it in the fridge (or freezer) before drinking.
    One last thing. I have done this and seen experiments done to change water structure with intentional love. Send love to your glass of water before drinking it. It will refresh you like you never thought possible. 💖

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