Bearded Baby Boy Dragon Bromance by da-AL

“Introduced as pets to the US during the 1990s, they are a popular exotic species pet even though Australia, from the 1960s onward, banned the sale of its wildlife to the pet trade.” Wikipedia

These little lizards can become big. Instead of hibernating, bearded dragons brumate.

This interesting image is the recent result of a visit to a pet store for some writing research (for my novel)!

2 Bearded baby boy dragons
Bearded Dragon Baby Boys by da-AL

25 thoughts on “Bearded Baby Boy Dragon Bromance by da-AL

  1. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson – fascinating idea, to slow down in order to conserve energy. The bromancing brumates! And now I’m really intrigued by your new novel, wanting to know how a bearded dragon will play a part. Any hints?

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      • I digress…
        Travelling a lot through SE Asia, I’ve seen some of the worst treatment of animals that makes your heart ache.
        I remember being in a small isolated Indonesian village back in ’98, a time when all the jungle/forests were being cleared (and still are) relentlessly.
        Walking through the roadside market, a shoebox was shoved into my face. Having no idea of its contents, I opened it and the tiniest fluffy white baby monkey was inside. I’d never seen such a monkey and probably an endangered species. I wanted to buy it so as to release it back into the jungle, but looking around, there was barely any jungle left and the monkey would have been re-captured. I couldn’t return to Australia with the monkey either – it was a real dilemma for me so I had to leave it there… 😦

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