Snuggle Dogs by da-AL

Our best friends are those who cheer us through our ups and cheer us up through our downs.

Mr. Gentleman Dog is aging. Growing older is a gift, but it extracts a price. For some of us, the cost is higher than for others.

In Mr. Gentleman Dog’s case, arthritis is wearing away his hips. And his kidneys don’t work as well. Rather than soil stuff, several times a night he rouses himself to ask to go out into the cold and pee.

But every day, he still has plenty of moments that he enjoys. He still loves treats, short walks, and cuddles.

And he loves the warmth of friendship…

44 thoughts on “Snuggle Dogs by da-AL

  1. They are the best friends of their masters . They are very faithful. They always try to do their best for humans as much as they can and few things they want in return are love , care and meals as per time schedules nothing else. Very nice blog of yours. 🙂

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  2. Such a loving post about your dogs. We often start with a puppy but dogs age much faster than most humans. It’s part of the partnership agreement when get that ball of fur, that we’ll still be there with them when they age. As we must be when anyone we love ages. They’re lucky they’ve got you, Daal.

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