Call for Writers and Guest Blog Posts

Now we are only two

Want to see your post here, on Happiness Between Tails? Let my readers get to know you — and yours can get to know me! Once published here, after a week, reblog it to your site to double the exposure.

First Step: email me a brief inquiry and any questions you might have. Once approved, gather the following:

  1. Your article — checked for grammar and spelling.
  2. One to three great images, with captions and attributions, that I can legally use and that are at least 1000 in length on the shortest side.
  3. A bit about yourself, such as your interests, your background, where you publish from if you are a fellow blogger.
  4. Links you’d like added: your site, your videos, your podcasts, your social media.
  5. Please, nothing derogatory or religious, and no advertising to anything other than what you’ve personally written or made. I pay WordPress to n.o.t. feature overt ads on my site.

Email me: ContactdaAL (at) gmail (dot) com

Once everything’s spiffy, your blog post will be published here within a few weeks!

Subjects appropriate for Happiness Between Tails (though not limited to)…

  • Books: what are you fave novels?
  • Writing, including how to publish and sell.
  • Podcasting, from listening to hosting: how do you attract subscribers, serialize a novel, distribute internationally.
  • Animals
  • Problem-solving: share your wisdom.
  • Dance
  • Equal Rights
  • Fun
  • Gender
  • Happiness
  • Identity
  • Kindness
  • Libraries
  • Love
  • Arts
  • Cooking and eating
  • … or whatever else you’re passionate about!…

My friends and I can’t wait to hear from you!

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