New Year Resolutions You Can Actually Keep by bookshelfbattle

Photo of toy pig pigging out in a colorful cupcake
Thanks Ryan McGuire of for this cool pic!

Hate resolutions? Standards too high? Bookshelfbattle to the rescue!…

Bookshelf Battle

Fart more.

Eat more.

Be ruder.

Smell worse.

Do less.

Procrastinate more…tomorrow.

Exercise less.

Watch more TV.

Play more video games.

Be lazier.

Read less.

Fail more.

Don’t be productive.

Eat more candy.

Don’t get out and meet anyone.

Get fatter.

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12 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions You Can Actually Keep by bookshelfbattle”

  1. Hello Happiness,
    Ringelnatz once said:
    Humor ist der Knopf, der verhindert, dass uns der Kragen platzt.
    Don`t know if it`s the same meaning in English:
    Humor is the button that prevents your collar from bursting.
    I have posted a ranking of good resolutions. There are two favourites in Germany.
    If you like have a look and decide:
    I wish you&friends a happy New 2018!
    Jürgen from Loy (PJP)

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    1. love it, Pete! wishing you & yours wonderfulness too 🙂

      btw – have considered adding google translate widget to your site? free & easy for all wordpress users…


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