Guest Blog Post: “My Sister Megan,” in Kathleen’s exact words

Photo of Kathleen with her sister Megan
BFFs and sisters, Kathleen (right) and Megan (left).

Our best friends are made when we value friendship. And when we try our hardest to be a good friend. Blogger Kathleen has much to teach us about friendship…

My Journey; My Path

Today is my sister Megan’s birthday. Today is 33 years old. She is currently fighting Lyme Disease. I was able to spend time with her yesterday to celebrate her birthday a day early. She is not feeling well today so she is at home resting. She has really bad vertigo and dizziness. She is currently under a doctor’s care and fighting to get health insurance. I would describe her as a strong independent woman and a hard core feminist. But I would also describe her as an amazing, passionate, wonderful, caring, kind, and beautiful person who is sensitive and she loves to help people. I used to dwell on the negative and say that she was this and that and the other, but I don’t do that anymore. I’ve chosen to the good in her and she has inspired me to keep going even in my darkness moments of my…

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