Bah! Humbug! is Perfectly Fine by da-AL

burnt gingermen cookies
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It’s quite alright to say, “No!” to a holiday. It’s ok to write off an entire season. Sometimes holidays are worthy of looking forward to. Sometimes they’re not.

tray of burnt cookies
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It’s perfectly fine to ignore the myriad external messages elbowing each other to influence us. People, companies, cultures, they all would love for us to spend, do, and feel exactly as they think we should.

Never mind them. Really. Sometimes some holidays (and/or seasons) are best ignored.

tray of burnt cookies
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Do whatever works for you. Mark time, survive, thrive. Before you know it, it’ll be holiday-free January.

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Whatever any one of us does, we’re never alone. We’re all unique yet all human. Be good to each other. Take good care of yourself!

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What do you do when you want to ignore a holiday?

36 thoughts on “Bah! Humbug! is Perfectly Fine by da-AL

  1. I like this post 🙂 and I agree, sometimes it’s just whatever works for you. Sometimes (not always) some of us just want to get though the holidays or make the most of them only as best we can. Sometimes I go home, others I go somewhere new, alone and that’s okay too!

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  2. Wise advice I already follow !! … Whenever possible I say “no” to summer holidays, I take days off at the end of September, the place I go to (mountain) is cooler and less crowded and more beautiful than in the summer days !!

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  3. Burnt cookies are a big tradition around here! Also, latkes that don’t hold together and look more like hash browns, candle wax dripped all over the place, cookie crumbs ground into the carpet, wrapping paper that’s liked better than the gift (as true of some adults as some kids,) unsolicited phone callers rudely interrupting family time, and almost always, a major appliance that decides to go kaput. That’s how we make our own traditions and celebrate around here! LOL!

    Happy Holidays to you, dear friend.

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  4. I’d eat those cookies anyway! Half the time I don’t know what day it is, so it is easy to miss the “minor” holidays–New Years and Christmas not so easy. I shall wish you Happy Holidays–include what you like–today as I go out to improve the economy this weekend.

    Greg the Great Procrastinator and the gang at the Feline Cafe.

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