Guest Blog Post: “Il Panettone,” in Dr. Mario O. Laplume’s exact words

My post about how to bake the Italian holiday fruit bread called panettone has inspired fellow blogger Dr. Mario O. Laplume to share this about the wonderful bread…

Dr. Mario O. Laplume

The leavened cake made with a base of water, flour, butter, eggs plus the addition of dried fruits and nuts is a traditional staple in the Italian—and by extension the Italian-American—tables during the Christmas season. We have all watched our dear grandmothers and mothers bake it at home or in modern times accompany them to our favorite bakery to buy them.

What is the origin of this simple yet delicious accoutrement of festivities? There are two major legends and both arise from Milano in the Middle Ages.

The first legend says that the cooks preparing a big banquet hosted by Ludovico il Moro, the powerful duke of the city, had forgotten to take out the dessert from the oven, which ended up as pure carbon. A humble kitchen helper called Toni prepared an impromptu cake with the kitchen leftovers. The head cook was reluctant to present that novelty in the…

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25 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: “Il Panettone,” in Dr. Mario O. Laplume’s exact words

  1. Dear Da-al: good evening and thanks for sharing my article in your page. Yes, women like you inspire us ,men, to do better in life and shake our laziness. Viva le donne! Buone feste a tutti! Bacci per tutti!

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  2. I’m thrilled with the idea of this Italian dessert being made from humble ingredients by a simple Baker for a Duke. 👑 I would stick with this one, if my family made this fancy bread.
    My Mom made a butter creme pound cake with dried fruits. . . and the rum flavored, dark colored fruitcake. She had people who liked a slice of each but I preferred the buttery fruitcake. 🎄🕊

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  3. It’s very tasty! I am eating some since this weekend as I feel already “Christmassy” (yes… it’s a perfect pretext to start eating chocolates and cakes ways before… 😜😜)…

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  4. Dear Guido: buon pomeriggio e grazie per tuo commentario. Sadly, if we want peace, we have to be ready for war in our difficult world. As our Roman ancestors said:
    ” Si vis pacem, para bellum.”
    Auguri e buonne feste!

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  5. Wow. My humble blog about the panettone got 70 likes in your page in 24 hours. Impressive. Thank you very much dear da-AL for this unique exposure for my writings.
    Un beso para vos y otro para la linda Mami. Hasta la proxima!

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  6. Wow. Almost 100 “likes” for this re-blogged article. Thank you da-AL for giving me the opportunity to talk to your genteel public; next year I will reciprocate this nice gesture with an artivmcle of your choice. How about the importance of animals to cure or alleviate Autism or another kids’ ailment?
    A big kiss to you and the cute
    doggie. Happy New Year to you and your family!

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