Arthritis Remedy for Pets that Really Works by da-AL

Senior geriatric dog with arthritis
One of my great old dogs.

“Just get them through the winter,” my vet told me when I recently took one of my 14-year-old lab mixes in for arthritis pain.

Winter, even in the gentle weather of Los Angeles County, is hard on older pets. As soon as it starts to get cold, he said, patients bring him their arthritic pets in droves. “Even if it feels warm to us, they know it’s winter.”

His simplest remedy is doing so well for my dog that I must share it: keep them warm. Day and Night.

An electric blanket, my vet counseled, is perfect for night. Toss it over your pet’s sleeping area. Make sure it’s the type that will stay on at a very low setting all night (some switch off after only an hour).

I’ve tried many, many things and continue to explore ways to make my best friends comfortable. The electric blanket has afforded them most dramatic relief.

Have you found arthritis remedies that work?

43 thoughts on “Arthritis Remedy for Pets that Really Works by da-AL

  1. Our old dog (who sadly died a few years ago now) had arthritis among many other things. I remember always buying the likes of glucosamine & chondroitin tablets. We tried to keep him warm, though back then hadn’t even thought of an electric blanket, that’s a great tip! x

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  2. Although slowly and shorter, keep him moving by taking him on a few walks daily.
    Glucosamine, silicon added to his food. And pain medication! It is a very painful condition and as soon as the medication doesn’t give relief anymore, you just have to make the tough decision.
    Beautiful photo of your old friend, wisdom (and sorry to say, pain also) in his eyes. Sending comforting energy to him.

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      • Yes, that are often the side effects of regular painkillers for pets. I gave my oldies medication based on chinese herbs. I don’t know, if they ship to the USA. You should google it.
        And I’ve learned a lot from Dr. Andrew Jones. He is in a way controversial, so you have to decide for yourself if you use is knowledge 😉

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            • Hi Patty – your kindness is very, very appreciated! just went onto his site & searched for arthritis advice but didn’t find. in the meantime, have signed up for his newsletter & have emailed him a few questions.

              just started adding glucosamine again to his food & now hemp seed oil at advice of other kind reader here. interestingly, vet said that while marijuana is recently legal here, the vet board has not caught up & still doesn’t allow vets to discuss it! nonetheless, my vet’s seen great results with it!

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              • The one I order from is this:

                Dr. Andrew I sometimes still use for refreshing my own knowledge 😉

                And yes, I heard of marijuana use for medical purposes too. Not sure I would go that far. But that is because of my principle: when regular pain medication isn’t sufficient anymore, how happy a pet still might seem, I think enough is enough. Especially dogs have a enormous will to please and I believe it is up to us protect them from that pain. In the wild dogs don’t live that long with similar conditions/health issues. So, prolonging their pain, I believe is just cruel.
                Again, my personal opinion. His picture let me see a wise soul through his eyes, but in those seem eyes I can sense pain. (being an energetic animal therapist ) Listen carefully to your dear old friend, Daal. Take him apart, create a meditative sphere and ask him ‘is it time?’. He will let you know. Ultimately it his decision, and our task to listen carefully to it.
                If it still feels ok to go on, keep doing what your are doing, but please…don’t go ‘overboard’.
                Sending you pain-relieving energy for this beautiful old soul and strength for you.
                Big hug! XxX


                • Dear Patty, all your good thoughts are much appreciate, as is your sharing of your wisdom.

                  Everything you write is very, very true. He & his twin sister are my first dogs, so it is good to get input from someone like you who’s had lots of experience.

                  My sweet gentleman-dog definitely does all he can to please me, follows me everywhere despite the effort it takes him, eats things when he has no appetite just for my sake.

                  Fortunately his sister is doing pretty well. A huge dilemma is that they are extremely attached to each other, can hardly be separated for 15 mins. There is also a younger dog, but both of the elders are only slightly interested in her…

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                  • So relieved you take it as I meant it, dear Daal. That is indeed extra tough, the special bond between these two old friends. Should you come to the point, you just can’t wait no longer…make sure you have Bach Flower – Rescue. You can give it to you and your family, including the dogs/pets (the amount you give to children) to help ease the traumatic loss at that time. The day before, the day itself and about two to three days after.
                    If possible, have the vet come to your house, so afterwards, especially the sister-dog can say goodbye, IF she wants.
                    But until that day, glucosamine, selicium , and flaxseed + pain relief medication/treatments. The electronic blanket, great idea. Just make sure he has cooled down a bit, before taking him outside 😉
                    And my own dogs, who had the similar condition loved gentle massages.
                    Oh and about the younger dog…she has to give the older ones their space, as hard as it is. Wouldn’t be the first dog getting bitten, not intentionally but as a reflex out of pain.

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  3. Such a beautiful photo of your puppy!

    I really miss having a dog in my life but as I’m always travelling (and lived on a boat for 21 years), it’s not fair on a dog. 😦

    Still, I get my puppy fixes wherever I can and especially when we housesit for our friends in southern Italy – love it.

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  4. It doesn’t get very cold here, but keeping them warm is a great idea. 🙂
    Another tip to help an arthritic dog is to have a well padded bed, eg using two layers of an old sponge mattress. As others have pointed out, keeping them moving during the day is good too; walk as far as is comfy for them.
    I give my dogs daily, a salmon oil capsule and glucosamine, chondroitin MSM supplement, from the age of about 6 years.
    When very old and stiff I get meds from the vets for inflammation and pain control, such as Petcam or rimadyl. I had one dog that these meds did not work on, so he had cortisone injections once a month for over a year. Whatever side effects these drugs may have, the main thing is to keep the old dog pain free and comfy. Mr Spaghetti Legs made it to at least 15, and even Little Monkey is now 12 1/2 and still bouncing around. 🙂
    Good luck with your dogs. 14 is a grand age. 🙂

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  5. This does work very well. I was going to try to get a heated pet bed for my older lab, Molly. She sometimes chews her beds and I have not wanted to use an electric blanket. But I have intended to get her a heated bed and hopefully she can’t or will not chew that up. I use a good grade of hemp oil, ordered from Amazon and give about 0.8mls of that added daily. Hemp is not toxic to the kidneys at all. Rimadyl and cortisone injections or tabs are meds that cause kidney damage among other things. Laser therapy works wonders for many dogs. Try to find a vet that uses laser therapy and give that a whirl for your dogs. And last by not least, don’t allow your dog to lie on the wood or tile floor. A hard surface is not good for the bones, joints or the entire body. Good luck to keep you old dogs going for as long as you can keep them happy, eating, and comfortable. Hemp makes a huge difference. Call around for a veterinarian that uses hemp for their patients.

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    • your recommendations are all spot-on – have used them all except for hemp, which I’ll check out

      you are right about pain meds – they’re not as easy as deciding to eliminate pain, if they’re side effects are worse than their arthritis relief…

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    • Hi again, petspeopleandlife – tx for your advice about hemp – as I just mentioned to Patty — today asked my vet about glucosamine & hemp. he said that neither do damage at the very least. He said that while marijuana is recently legal here in California, the vet board has yet to catch up & still doesn’t allow vets to discuss it! nonetheless, my vet’s seen great results with patients using it on their own. for instance, a bulldog with epilepsy had far better results with hemp than with pharmaceuticals


      • Great news. I am so glad for you and the your dog/s. I will repost the blog you asked for and then you can repost to yours- with credit to my little old self. Not presently doing any blogging with a few exceptions. Ihave three cats with cancer and I am veey depressed about all of that. All of them are on some form of chemo or some holistic meds. I’ll get around to replying sooner or later to your comments on my blog.

        Are you and the pets safe in Callie where you live? I have thought of you often. It is so tragic.


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  6. Our little schnauzer is now 12. She does not appear to have arthritis but we do have her on a glucosamine supplement . If my husband saw the suggestion of an electric blanket over her sleeping crate he would absolutely go for it. I will suggest it.

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    • the smaller the 4 legged furry pet, the longer lived.

      on a slightly different note, have often been amazed at how a pet can seem on the brink of no-return, only to miraculously bounce back!

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