Chocolate’s Bitter Deception by da-AL

Vox: “So is chocolate good for your health? In a word: no.”

photo of chocolate bar
This photo was copied from related article at Vox’s website.

Before you continue reading:

– Breath deeply.

– Remember, I’m only the messenger.

Once read, this article can’t be un-read.

Many of us suspected that chocolate’s properties were exaggerated.

But to this extent?!

Since 1982, goliath candy manufacturer Mars Inc. has built its house of lies. Vox’s finding:

Graph of how it takes quite a lot of chocolate to get benefits from it

Now what?

60 thoughts on “Chocolate’s Bitter Deception by da-AL

  1. Chocolate is very healthy to eat if it calms you enough that you don’t explode and hurt someone or break something out of rage or frustration.

    Other than that, there are so many worse things to worry about. Frankly, I love the flavor of chocolate. But I appreciate the information, Daal.

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    • I totally agree, Sharon. Eating is emotional & emotional health is as important as exercise & nutrition. As for food manufacturers, they wield great power in influencing our cravings & decisions. I am tired of them lying to us in order to get us to buy their stuff.

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    • Haha – and you are from Germany, no, where most enjoy beer?

      btw – have you considered adding google translate widget to your site so all can enjoy it? the widget is free to all wordpress users


  2. In France we are taught from an early age that it is NOT good, when I was a child I had friends who were forbidden to eat chocolate … Then I found out that it is not so bad it’s a question of balance

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  3. I read that article with interest, and for which many thanks. It would seem as if my daily 125 gram bar of 85% is unlikely do me either good or bad, so I’ll happily settle for that. It is, after all, intended purely as an indulgence. There’s no doubt it provides a mood boost, a temporary flood of pleasure, and at 152 calories it’s a price I think I can afford to pay. As ever, it’s a question of striking a balance, isn’t it? Bad chocolate is just that, in all senses of the adjectival word, but good chocolate is at least okay. 🙂

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    • well said – it’s funny how everyone is reacting to the health aspect – as did I. food is so emotional. only after getting over the initial dismay am I upset over how people who make our food can be so successful at deceiving us …

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