Chocolate’s Bitter Deception by da-AL

Vox: “So is chocolate good for your health? In a word: no.”

photo of chocolate bar
This photo was copied from related article at Vox’s website.

Before you continue reading:

– Breath deeply.

– Remember, I’m only the messenger.

Once read, this article can’t be un-read.

Many of us suspected that chocolate’s properties were exaggerated.

But to this extent?!

Since 1982, goliath candy manufacturer Mars Inc. has built its house of lies. Vox’s finding:

Graph of how it takes quite a lot of chocolate to get benefits from it

Now what?

60 thoughts on “Chocolate’s Bitter Deception by da-AL”

  1. Dark chocolate is the way to go along with moderation in all things. I agree with your anger at the mega companies that produce and push things that are unhealthy. And don’t let me get started on politicians who eat organic but can’t be bothered to enact legislation to protect the rest of us with GMO labeling, etc.

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  2. I eat 80% dark when I do eat chocolate. It is for my enjoyment and is my ‘coffee’ indulgence. I never buy into fad claoms by manufacturers touting health benefits of their products. Milkchocolate could never be “good” for anyone since it is laden with sugar and useless carbs. Whennesten in moderationit is a treat. How about the ridiculous advertising of ‘gluten free’ on so many products that obviously would be. Don’t even get me started on them raisung the prices on these miracle foods. 🙄

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