Love is everything by da-AL with Video by Mengwen Cao

Mengwen Cao
Mengwen Cao

Listening … Loving … Accepting … Understanding … Courage …

Love demands ongoing practice and desire. Not always easy, but always rewarding.

Watch how Mengwen Cao comes out to her parents and how they respond. She’s a photographer, videographer, and multimedia producer. Born in Hangzhou, China, she came to the United States in 2012.


20 thoughts on “Love is everything by da-AL with Video by Mengwen Cao”

  1. If only all parents could be so supportive of their child, and each child could search for her own destiny openly. You just know they are always going to be there for each other, parents and child, but with the honesty to help each other make good judgments.

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  2. It’s easier for girls to come out, I understand her parents wish she was “normal”, not because they are narrow-minded but they worry about what might happen to her. It is a cruel world and even worse if you are not normal, that’s why a lot of us choose to live in the closet. A big thank you for sharing

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    1. The thanks goes to her for sharing. Indeed the world can be sadly unfair and call for more courage than some of us can afford. I believe that love guides us in the best way and reminds us that ‘normal’ is something that doesn’t really exist.

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      1. “Normal” is how most people are… I know that some gay men deny their true nature, even to the point of getting married and having children, and then they are unhappy in their personal life.. I guess she made the right choice

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        1. When people try to make themselves into lives that are not true to their hearts, they hurt more than just themselves. The lives of the spouses and children are compromised too…

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