Guest Blog Post: “Your Dog Remembers…” in Decker’s exact words

Photo of cute puppy
Henry, the Asylum’s mascot.

Couldn’t resist passing Decker’s sweet post along, especially as her doggie looks much like mine did when they were pups …

Dispatches from the Asylum

Reading today in EurekAlert! – The Global Source for Science News ( comes an article entitled:  Your Dog Remembers What You Did

img_0616Henry, the Asylum’s mascot (to your left) and resident mischief-maker does indeed remember what we do here.   He remembers that if he picks up a Locust pod and starts to chomp away on the poisonous seeds in the pod, that we’ll chase him all over the compound. Never mind that all pods have been raked and properly disposed of – he seems to have a cache of pods stashed somewhere outside that can be magically retrieved within seconds of departure time from the back yard door.  He delights in the chase. Once the game is on, he blitzes in full gallop, pod proudly in his mouth, taunting us to even try to catch him. We never can.

He remembers that if guests come to the compound, he is NOT…

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