Hobby Lobby’s Parallel Universe of Antiquity Studies by Fiona Greenland: Reblog

When a private U.S. company goes beyond pushing religious interests — and illegally imports Iraqi antiquities …


An artist’s sketch of the Museum of the Bible, currently under construction. Source.

The following is a guest post by Fiona Greenland.

Last week’s news that Oklahoma-based Hobby Lobby faced civil forfeiture for illegally importing Iraqi antiquities came as no surprise to cultural property experts. The company had been under scrutiny since 2015, when news of the investigation broke. And even before the investigation, scholars, including Roberta Mazza, an ancient historian at the University of Manchester, identified inconsistencies in the provenance histories, or ownership records, of antiquities obtained for Hobby Lobby-backed Museum of the Bible. Equally unsurprising in the wake of the forfeiture announcement were the muddled claims about Hobby Lobby funding ISIS. The forfeited antiquities at the heart of the civil complaint were shipped in late 2010 and early 2011 – prior to the period when ISIS is known to have been associated with archaeological looting in…

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4 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby’s Parallel Universe of Antiquity Studies by Fiona Greenland: Reblog”

  1. Thank you for reblogging Fiona’s article. I was already aware of the situation, already very angry about Hobby Lobby throwing its corporate weight around. I have little power over them but I exercise with my wallet and do not shop at their stores.

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    1. likewise – you’re probably already aware that for years, they wouldn’t carry Jewish holiday items – but now they do only because they were forced by law to no longer discriminate …

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      1. I have not seen any Jewish items in the local Hobby Lobby. I no longer care to enter the store. But I’d like to remind them about the religion that Jesus practiced. They are far from his example. I am far from a perfect person, but I do not intentionally discriminate against everyone, finding everyone has an interesting story, and so many are passionate about their beliefs.

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