Happiness Between Tails is Now Multilingual Thanks to Google Translate by da-AL

Picture of Google Translate button on Happiness Between Tails

Click the Translate Here dropdown menu at the top of the right-hand column of my blog — and voila! — Each post instantly translates into most 90+ languages!

About the only language it won’t translate into is dog language — but my furry loved ones speak mostly with their eyes and tails anyway.

Thank you, blogger Anita, for showing me how to do it with just three clicks!

For WordPress.com

  1. Go to Appearance
  2. Then Widgets
  3. Then add GoogleTranslate to your site.

11 thoughts on “Happiness Between Tails is Now Multilingual Thanks to Google Translate by da-AL”

  1. You are very welcome dear daAL
    Pleasure to share with you this fast tip then your followers (me too) can read your posts multilanguages
    PS: For your question sking me if I could write another post about Brigitte Macron of her love story, yes I can very soon when I’ll have more time, I will notify yuou
    Very nice week dear

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