2 Fab WordPress Tips by da-AL

Photo of green eyed cat in box that says 'warning'
Thanks, generous rockin’ fotog Ryan McGuire of Gratisography.com

Thanks to learning these two glorious WordPress antidotes, my blogging stress has diminished enormously.

Problem (causing utter confusion and hellacious frustration)

Ever have questions about using WordPress yet are totally frustrated by their tutorials, emails, and how they don’t take phone calls?

Antidote (causing blue skies and twittering birds)

They have live chat!!! Click here for merry chatting 🙂

Problem (resulting in teeth gnashing)

This past couple of months, I’ve gotten tons of daily spam comments. All in reply to the same post. Sure, it’s easy enough to delete them as spam, but a) more come back, b) what a bother, and c) there’s so many that I might accidentally delete comments I want to keep.

Antidote (reducing dental bills)

Thanks to chatting up WordPress, I was reminded that I could uncheck ‘allow comments’ on that particular beleaguered post.

Got any totally amazing tips to share?

12 thoughts on “2 Fab WordPress Tips by da-AL”

  1. I get tons of spam that say things like, “I just found your site. You have great content. Maybe you could teach me how to blog like this.” or variations of the same theme. What’s in it for these people? The comments seem innocuous, but they’re definitely not from legit sources.

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    1. I have no idea — I also get lots from stuff that has to do with car insurance, but so transparent — can anyone be so foolish as to not realize there’s something amiss? I suppose it must just be a numbers game?

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  2. Uncheck “allow comment.” That is a really wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing, Daal.

    Very sorry you are getting spammed so much. Most of my spam gets logged into my spam folder where I usually ignore it until I trash the whole thing. Is yours getting through to your comments folder?

    Even more – what is it with spammers? Don’t they have lives? Sheesh, I’ve got so much to do, I have no time to lurk on the Internet just to annoy other people.

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    1. Yes – it was the spam folder – I check it every week or so, as sometimes some of the good stuff somehow finds its way there.

      You’re absolutely right – spammers must be terribly bored people.

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