Guest Blog Post: “Why do I write?” in Akintunde Akinsola’s exact words

Why do you write? For me, within weeks of learning to hold an oversized pencil, I was using printed words to make sense of my six-year-old world. Akintunde Akinsola proudly teaches in SW Nigeria. His blog esteems and supports teachers, as well as highlights his photography …

Why Do I Write written into a notebook


Why do I write…? Thinking about this question, I believe I write because I want to express a part of myself which speech cannot fully portray. I love the prints. Reading comes easy. I am a man of few words. I love to listen and I love to read. I also believe writing is a lasting legacy of a man’s thought and ideas. It lives on long after he has passed on. Writing also to me is an embalming process. Preserving your thoughts for ages to come. I know my writing has the wings to travel far and reach more people than expressing my thoughts and ideas by speech which I do not want to force down on people but in a way helping to shape the world in a way I feel is right.

I am a teacher, a photographer. I love the arts. I love nature. I love…

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20 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: “Why do I write?” in Akintunde Akinsola’s exact words”

  1. Why do I write ? A very pertinent question.our mind , heart and the soul are constantly subjected to thoughts and sentiments varied and chaotic ,always in progression. It is almost impossible to voice all . Writing helps us to share our thoughts as well release our thoughts. Your post is very interesting and inspiring it makes one dwell on the blessings of reading and writing.

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    1. It sure is because I definitely know it doesn’t come in that package for everyone. Some like to read but don’t like to write and vice versa. Having the two and enjoying it is divine…. Thank you.

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    1. One thing I am always thankful for is the ability to have found the joy and power in books at an early age. Ever since, I have never been at the bottom of the hill…..
      Thank you..

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