Sloths and Surfing at Costa Rica’s Puerto Viejo Beach, Manzanillo: videos included!

Costa Ricans are among the happiest people in the world, according to scientific studies.

That explains how pura vida (pure life or good life) has come to be used by all Costa Ricans to greet, to encourage, and to convey all around friendliness.

Some other interesting facts about Costa Rica:

  • Just about everyone there speaks English.
  • The country has only two seasons – rainy and not as rainy.
  • Temps are 80’s and 90s Fahrenheit year ’round.
  • Every day of the year, sunrise and sunset are at 5:30.
  • It’s easy to get sunburned due to its being closer to the equator.
  • My husband and I used citronella wristbands and natural bug repellent, yet received fewer bug bites than many of our fellow travelers.

Take it from me — seeing a happy sloth close up definitely contributes to my sense of wellbeing!

Hover over or click photos for captions and to enlarge them.


27 thoughts on “Sloths and Surfing at Costa Rica’s Puerto Viejo Beach, Manzanillo: videos included!”

  1. What fun facts. I lived in a place that had the sunset at 5:30, and personally it drove me nuts. But to live in a country with an island life vibe in such a beautiful landscape of lush rainforests and such fascinating creatures perhaps I could learn to cope with such an early night fall. 😉

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        1. of course – makes perfect sense.

          on opposite end of spectrum (at least to me in terms of relatively small no. of countries I’ve visited) was interesting that when I visited Paris several Aprils ago, sun didn’t set till something like 11pm!

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  2. This is a great summary of a country! I like the two seasons, rainy and not so rainy!! How odd to have sunset at the same time all year round! Ahh…the sloth is living the life and is quite used to modelling for photos by the looks of it! 😀😀 Thank you for sharing your experience of a country one hears so little about. Very interesting.

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