Guest Blog Post: “Modern Love,” reblog from Baestasia

For anyone who feels alone, remember that you’re never really alone. Here at da-AL’s, also remember that it’s ok when misery loves company …

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all my unedited glory

Modern love is sappy instagram captions and an overuse of the heart emojis. It’s speedy replies, just as quick as how they’d get together. It’s having a year long streak and being each other’s number 1 best friend on snapchat. It’s ship names and coordinated whatsapp profile pictures. It’s being the very first person to comment ‘ flfc ‘. It’s late night calls that stretch for hours and hours, falling asleep to the sound of their voices instead of in their arms. It’s liking and commenting on every single posts or else it means you don’t love the person enough or maybe you don’t even care. It’s getting hints on her twitter through every indirect she posts about you. It’s changing your status to attached. It’s publicizing something meant to be private and personal. It’s showing off. It’s expressing love on a platform that leaves a mark. It’s messy, everyone…

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4 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: “Modern Love,” reblog from Baestasia

  1. I actively don’t like the kind of thinking in this article. It might not be the be all and end of good communication, but love via electronic channels is still love, and every little bit counts. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

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