An Unplanned Honeymoon: a video by da-AL

How to not plan your honeymoon and have the best one ever! The Toastmasters assignment required me to ‘get personal,’ so here’s my speech…


Do prefer unplanned or planned?


22 thoughts on “An Unplanned Honeymoon: a video by da-AL”

  1. What a great story and your speech/story was wonderful! Quick question…was phone guy planned to show you how to deal with distractions? No matter the answer, you did very well lol I think I would’ve had to say something!

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    1. Thanks much, Kathy 😀

      Phone guy was neither planned nor intentional. However it was during a Toastmasters meeting that meets during work hours, in Federal Aviation Administration

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    2. Sorry- pressed reply by accident. Was just saying that many of our members are on work day breaks. Also, such interruptions are good experience for ‘real’ speeches. You are sweet to care 😀


  2. I’d like a mixture. I never go anywhere far without a plan, if I don’t have a plan I get so upset and panicked and I’m not fun to be around. On the other hand, I don’t plan ALL the details; like when I was in China and I ended up going to a panda research centre and despite all my planning and doom thinking I got to hold a panda cub. So: both. Plan the trip and leave enough windows open for surprised to fly in 🙂

    Btw, you have a really natural way of telling a story. You’re enjoyable to listen to and look at.

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    1. Samanrha, you are just wonderful! 😀

      Your idea of planning with some flexibility is perfect- the most important thing is to know what makes us happy and to appreciate our individuality. Too often I’ve allowed myself to become miserable over believing how I ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ think and feel, while I’m at my finest when I accept myself.

      Next, you’ve done wonderfully at pointing out how essential flexibility- gratitude in a sense- is to having a great time no matter what we’re doing.

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  3. Daal. another lovely personal moment in the guise of a Toastmaster’s speech. Well done, and frankly extra points for you for having to put up with the inexcusable rudeness of the guy on his phone.

    You obviously married your soul mate – the key to whether planned or not lies with the person who is your counterpart in the event. This worked for you because it was meant to be.

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    1. As always, Sharon, you are sweet – and wise 😀

      I agree – anything is lovely with the right person. I have a personal gripe with the current self help book trend – particularly when it encourages mostly women to change themselves for men. What happens when a couple eventually encounters each other’s real selves?

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      1. A solid relationship will tough out the ragged edges each person has.

        I agree about the self help trend 0 never had much faith in them always too preachy for me. I’d rather talk to a friend than read a know-it-all-book written by someone who may not know anything.

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  4. I think I like the balance of both. Some things planned and others not. And to really importantly, not stress or put pressure on all of which you do not have control over. Which is basically everything in a trip. Lol.

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