Can You Look Yourself In The Eye? by Samantha Spijkers

Looking for a dose of good cheer? Samantha Spijkers’ blog, DictionaryDutch, always does the trick for me! Here at da-AL’s she explains how she overcame negative thinking…

For years I struggled with a negative self-image: did I have to be so ugly and stupid and worthless? And why were there so many mirrors in my house? Like I needed to see my own face staring back at me after every corner I turned…

But our minds are stupid. That is to say: they’ll believe anything we tell them as long as we repeat and repeat and repeat the message.

So after trying to live a mirror-less life (it had gotten to a point where I’d not switch on the lights so as not to see my reflection in the bathroom mirror and passing every other reflecting object with closed eyes – not my brightest plan), I thought: this must change. And it did. I did.

If you’re battling with a negative self-image, here’s what to do:

  1. Have a staring contest with yourself. Think that’s odd? Think about all the lies you’ve been feeding your brains about how awful you look. My point: there are way stranger things to do than staring at yourself.
  2. Make yourself come up with at least ten things you DO like about yourself. And you have to mean them!
  3. Smile.
  4. Repeat process daily and make sure to come up with new things you like about your body. Even the smallest detail will do.

After a while you’ll stop having staring competitions. It’ll end naturally. But the newfound appreciation for yourself will stay. As will the smiling (I now find myself smiling at myself every time I look into a mirror).

Appreciation is a much better feeling than avoiding mirrors because you’re too afraid to see yourself. Your inner beauty is reflected in your mirror image and your self-appreciation. Now go love yourself! And keep smiling 🙂

Samantha Spijkers is a blogger, sociologist and soon-to-be life coach. After conquering her depression she went looking for ways to turn her negative views on life around and blogs about her (inner) findings.

15 thoughts on “Can You Look Yourself In The Eye? by Samantha Spijkers”

  1. Wow! Nice to see you here, Samantha! I liked the post. Negative thoughts can be very destructive if they’re not stopped in their tracks. It’s nice to see you and your reflection getting on so well together! 🙂

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