Oops! Ugh! A Facebook lesson by da-AL

ooops- close cropKind friends, followers, and visitors:

Only now learned  that each time one thanks others for commenting on their Facebook profile picture, Facebook re-sends the profile photo to everyone’s news feeds as ‘an update.’


Wishing each of you a healthy happy day!

da AL

14 thoughts on “Oops! Ugh! A Facebook lesson by da-AL”

  1. Well….everyone can click the option ‘don’t follow anylonger’…that means they still be friends with the person, but don’t get updates in their new feeds of that person.
    I have created a friends-list of ‘best friends’ and the people I want to follow regularly are in there. I don’t even scroll down the news-page of me anymore.
    All other connections I hop over every now and then…

    About the post comment thing and mis spelling…there is an option to adjust your post after you publised it 😉

    Good luck !

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  2. It’s one of my main complaints about Facebook. Every single keystroke can turn into something much larger than you could have possibly imagined. I just got back on after 13 months of my account being dormant. I wanted to see what life would be liked and quite frankly I thrived! I got so much more done, read more books, etc. I only got back on it because my family complained (i.e. pictures of nephews, nieces, birthdays, etc.). And so it goes. – Marty.

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    1. Thanks for commiserating, Marty – & glad for your enhanced life! I am paranoid enough that I use it more as a means to post writing related stuff, never anything that might give info about anyone other than myself.

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