Dogs Teach Us to Play by da-AL

My doggie (red collar) never tires of playing with her BFF — she wishes he lived next door!

34 thoughts on “Dogs Teach Us to Play by da-AL”

  1. I was RIGHT! I knew I’d find something about a four leg or two the minute I saw “tails” in a comment on Mom’s blog ( — she says thanks, btw). I’m Tink, and I’m not very big (10.5 lbs), so I play mostly with people. But my favorite blogging buddies are animals.

    I don’t have my own blog – Mom only lets me Guest Post on hers because she is a computer hog, but any time you see my byline be sure to drop by and say hi. If you’ve written anything yourself, leave a link in the comments and I’ll move it up into my Related Contact. (Mom does that at the bottom of her posts and I’m supposed to follow her format.)

    Tell your two-leg that she can leave Related Content Links on Mom’s articles – unless she writes about YOU, of course, and then she can link to mine. Pleased to meetcha’
    Woof! Tink

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