Sunshine on a Cold Day by da-AL

Dog enjoying sunshine on a cold day


When describing a great cat, its usually in dog-like terms.

Dog enjoying sunshine on a cold day close up


But isn’t it marvelous when dogs act like cats sometimes, enjoying sunshine on a cold day?

28 thoughts on “Sunshine on a Cold Day by da-AL”

      1. Used to – bunnies who chased the dog, an adored dog who couldn’t learn one trick except to love everyone, a beautiful calico kitten, a darling white rat who tormented the dog by sitting on her head, lizards who acted like love birds, cockatiel birds who sat on my mom’s head preening her, and my older son kept a well stocked fish tank with no fish in it for many years. Nothing right now – my life is so upside down all the time, and I think to have a dog, which I want very much, would be cruel as I’d often not have enough time to take care of her.

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        1. what a fun description! sometime sooner than later, hopefully you’ll have one? when things are meant to be, they work out somehow or another. I held off having pets thinking they would tie me down. then I realized that its not like I take that many vacations anyway. then I found that friends with pets, sweet teens across the street, and sitters for pay exist… somehow it works out

          we all try to be so independent, myself included, but when I’m in need, people come forth. its renews my faith in everything 🙂

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  1. So fun to find you here – thanks for finding me at Roughwighting. Yes, these photos lead me to hope that someday I’ll be ready for another dog. I’m in love with dogs, but still mourning the loss of our golden, Henry. His presence is still around – over 2 years later. Sigh. But dogs have higher, lighter souls than we humans, and teach us so much.
    Like how to bask in the sun. xo

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    1. So sorry about your Henry. Goldens are on par with labs, which I believe to be wonderful in all mixes. They just get better & better, which makes their short lives all the more tragic. Some dogs are so good that they set the bar so high that they almost ruin one for future dogs.

      To my mind, considering that they & we are pack oriented creatures, the best tribute to pay a dog is to get another.

      All the best to you, my new friend 🙂

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      1. Yes, I know it’s true. Henry was our second golden. Our first, Tory, was sweet and angelic. Henry was a mischievous sprite who loved beyond measure. And I think that’s what dogs teach us most – unconditional love. ❤

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