Saying “No!” to the Holidays is OK by da-AL


Wish the holidays would just go away? It’s ok to say, “No!” to them. The following post is important enough to repeat…

Holidays can be nice — and terrible! Family can bring us to our knees — both to swoon and to cringe. Romance can make our hearts flutter or seize.

From Halloween to New Year’s, at least here in the U.S., 24/7 we’re inundated with messages of how this is the time for families and lovers. We’re instructed to either kiss, or to kiss and make up.

fullsizerender-5Sometimes they’re not possible. At times, they aren’t in our best interest.

Traditional or sacred, I invite you to join me in acknowledging that some holiday seasons are best ignored. It’s ok to give them a rest. Some years, it’s fine if we just get through them!

We’re allowed to do whatever it takes to mark time, to survive, to thrive through and into gentle holiday-clear January.

51 thoughts on “Saying “No!” to the Holidays is OK by da-AL

  1. Hey. I recognize that ginger bread cookie! I used to love the holidays, when my kids were young, and before I started working at TJs (I could write a bloody book about holidays at TJs). My idea now is that we celebrate the holidays in rotation, like the Olympics (and Presidential elections), one every four years. The years rip by so fast, nobody would even notice. Ditto that for all televised award shows. Too much hype and hysteria. It’s utterly exhausting. 🙂

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  2. You said what I have been thinking for quite some time. I thought I was the only one. Everyone seems to feel obligated to get into it. Holidays put so much pressure on people, and it is so commercialized. It’s not like it used to be. It meant more, maybe I am being nostalgic..

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  3. Great post Daal. You express this so succinctly and yet you say so much: what a skill! I love all the holidays and I do think it’s ok not to get involved if you don’t want to or feel able to. Not everyone feels jolly at Christmas (as commercialism expects us to) and wants to spend money they might not have in order to be seen as conforming and not a kill-joy. Equally we all don’t have a network of friends or close family that we want to or can spend time with. So much emphasis is placed on celebration and being happy at these times with little attention paid to the fact that there are many who are unable to join in because of their circumstances. And why indeed do we have to join in if we choose not to? There is no law that says we have to – at least there wasn’t the last time I checked! 🙂

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