Make rational decisions with clear mind DIY by Jeyran

Ever feel too overwhelmed to make wise choices? Jeyran, who has a great book review blog, shares her tips here (at da-AL’s) for staying sane…

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How to make rational decisions while keeping your mind clear?

Here are a few tips and points that may help you when the time comes.

Pause and reflect

Many people like to prepare and plan and some like to be fast and respond to situations immediately. This can sometimes work both ways. Both traits are good to have but when you want to make a rational decision with a clear, unbiased mind, then pondering on the subject may be the better way to go about it.

Do Not Respond to Negative Energy and Criticism

There is a difference between negative criticism and constructive criticism. The moment you respond to negative criticism, you are biting the hook. These people are trying to hook you and get your attention. As soon as you respond, you are feeding the negativity. Other negative energies feed on this response and surround you as well. You have then become the “feeder.” It is important to remember that what you focus on in life is what you get. If you want less negativity, then it’s important to ignore it. As time goes by, it will go away or will reduce substantially. Don’t allow the negativity to over shadow what is important.

Make a Chart

Write down the pros and cons of the situation and try not to overreact to it before you have sat down and thoroughly thought about the issue. Try to be logical and have an open mind towards filling out your chart.

The process of making a rational decision is by using logic, objectivity and analysis over the subject matter. Therefore formulate your goal, identify the criteria, leave yourself some alternatives, make a chart and then you are able to make your final decision.

Thanks, Jeyran, for sharing your wisdom!

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    1. Many thanks, Image Earth Travel – not sure if, by ‘new site,’ you’re referring to the link on this post – if so, it links to the lovely blog/site of Jeyran, the author of this insightful guest post.


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