I Bee Grateful by da-AL

161029bees3For weeks, I’ve been meaning to post these photos. This blog covers stuff that interests me, plus what makes me happy.

I’m happy that bees like my home.

Some bees pollinating flowers.Bees the world over are struggling. I bee-seech you to bee kind to them.

Here in the U.S., seven species are on the endangered list, many others critically threatened as well. They do so very much for everyone, not just those of us who enjoy honey — they’re integral to the web of life yet their populations are rapidly diminishing.

Bees pollinating a bunch of flowers.With all this in mind, what a delight it was when I snapped these. It was a bright morning, right after my Saturday yoga. The outdoor perimeter of my home beckoned me in with aromas of the brunch my mom and husband were arranging: Persian toast, husband-made fig and kumquat jams, real butter, salty crumbly feta, lush green herbs, free-range eggs, and bergamot/green/saffron/cardamom tea.

As I reached to unlock the front door, “bzzz… bzzz… bzzz,” make me turn my head. Twenty bees, maybe more, hovered about the flame-colored blossoms that line my porch!

This U.S. Thanksgiving Day as on all days, I’m thankful for you, dear reader.

I’m thankful for my upright and furry loved ones — all safe, sound of body and mind.

I’m grateful for our beautiful world. For waking each day to life, that can be as tear-jerking awful as it can be watery-eyed amazing.

I’m grateful for bees, modeling how to live with discovery and purpose, flower by flower.

A fun video from a local Iranian-American father-daughter bee-keeping team

The Huffington Post offers ways to help bees plus a video. For a start, tell your friends to swear off pesticides, be bee friendly, and vote pro-bee.

The Guardian explains their plight in depth.

12 thoughts on “I Bee Grateful by da-AL”

  1. What a lovely post, Daal, though I didn’t see your personal photos. Or am I mistaken about what you posted? Our ill environment is a threat to all of us, unfortunately.

    The video is fascinating. The honey they produce is amazing. With such a large bee keeping operation in what appears to be a residential neighborhood, I wonder how the neighbors feel about so many bees so near. As essential as bees are for the world to flourish, for some people, bee stings are deathly.

    Decades ago, my parents owned a small avocado ranch in Southern California. Like so much agriculture, our avocado trees’ health was dependent upon healthy bees living nearby. Fortunately, a neighbor avocado grower kept bees, and all of us small ranchers benefited. I think my dad and all the other near growers paid him a fee for the service. We were in a rural area and the homes were hundreds of yards apart, the bees deep in the groves. There was minimal contact between bees and people but abundant fruit.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving fete.

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    1. Ugh – am easily flustered by blog probs – hopefully the pix look ok now? thx either way for letting me know

      thx too, dear Sharon. for the great mini memoir! such an honor to have it on my blog – your readers, am sure, would love to read it too – highly recommend you post on your blog too!

      the bee keepers in video are up in the valley – a friend of mine found out about them via farmers market & now kindly often makes gifts of their honey – perhaps they’re not as squashed together as the rest of us in So Cal live?

      yesterday’s feast was indeed wonderful – can’t believe my husband & I actually went shopping today – was a mad house, but we survived to tell of some great deals.

      wishing you & yours the best too 🙂

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