Guest Blog Post: “Happy Tails and Travel Tales,” in Mac n Tosh’s exact words

A guest post by some furry friends for this, da-AL’s blog! If you like this, you’ll love their people’s blog.

Hello cool dudes, we are two happy tails named Mac n Tosh. We are twin miniature dachshunds on an epic adventure around Europe with our non fury, two legged, non woofing parents.

Mac and ToshWhen we were a few months old we bought a big dog house on wheels, stacked it with canine comforts and set off with our doggy passport to paw pastures new. Every day we wake up, jump on our parents bed, give them big kisses and start our happy, waggy day.

rsz_2screen_shotourbumbleEveryday we get to sniff out a new patch, walk a new route or run wild on a secluded beach. But the best days are when we go riding in our bicycle bags, climb mountains or surfing the waves. Along the way, we get to meet some awesome buddies and test out our multi lingual yap, which by the way is coming along pawfectly.

rsz_3screen_shotourbumbleNow we are 12 months old, our parents make us do chores to pay for our up keep and rent. Mac is chief floor licker whilst Tosh is head guard dog and howler. When we are not working we enjoy a bit of nose art on the windscreen or the odd boogie.

rsz_4screenshotourbumbleSince we set off traveling in April 16 we have wagged our tail through 19 countries, covering a total of 14,530 kilometres in 217 days and all from the comfort of our doggy duvets. We’ve munched our way through 60,760 grams of dog food, licked clean 182 yogurt pots and nibbled a few dozen BBQ sausages. Shivered through 8 outdoor cold baths, 7 indoor warm showers, 6 pedicures and a part pee’d up a pear tree. We dipped our paws in the North Sea, learned to swim in the Baltic, froze our pads off in the Arctic Ocean and at the moment we are learning to surf in the Aegean Sea. We keep healthy with 14 worming, 4 tick and flea tablets and a 30 ear washes. In addition to 637 walks through forest, fjords, beaches, cities and fields, we’ve climbed pulpits rock, walked it to North Cape, met Santa Claus, hiked to a glacier and dashed across the Danish dunes. Tosh has chewed through 8 collars, Mac’s left 250 nose art smudges on the windscreen and together we provide countless kisses and waggy tails.

rsz_5screenshotourbumbleAll this at the ripe old age of 12 months, who needs early retirement! Wanna see more? Check out our travels.

A few more photos for fun…


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