Guest Blog Post: “Behind Vasa and Ypres’s Journey through the Absurd,” in J. B. Chisholm’s exact words

A fellow novelist/blogger’s post for this (da-AL’s) blog, to amuse you …

161025jbchisholmscreenshot“I was exiting from the lavatory, which was not a mean feat, especially for a woman of my, shall we say, voluptuous build, when I was struck, rather uncharacteristically, by an idea.”

“‘Huzzah!’ My huzzah had been premature. It dropped like a refrigerator on a sidewalk.”

“‘What do you think, Ypres?’ Ypres stood as would an unambitious crustacean.”

I like to start my stories with something absurd. Something that will grab the attention of the reader. Indeed, my writing is inspired by the absurd. The silly and comic things in life. It all began when I read P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster series. I laughed my heart out and I felt sorrow when there was no more to read.

So I began to write my own. The genders would be reversed and Jeeves and Wooster would become Ypres and Vasa. The world would become contemporary, but the characters would maintain a fondness for an unnecessary form of proper English. Vanessa E. Vasa is a fashionista convinced of her own fabulousness and self-effacing importance. Ypres is confident in her abilities, especially her redoubtable intelligence.

Yet, despite a full-length novel, A Mayfair Conundrum, and a second being published, Park Avenue or Bust!, little is known about Vasa and Ypres. It is their struggle to make sense of the world, and their general incompetence when doing so, that makes them, in my mind, such amusing characters.

My writing process is really enhanced by my readers’ comments. The outpouring of support, even the odd negative feedback, is wonderful. It makes my work live. That is why I have chosen to publish each story chapter by chapter on my blog. That fact that over 1,000 followers view each post, and hopefully read it, makes my endeavour all the more meaningful. It keeps my two favourite fictional Brits, Vasa and Ypres, alive and well. After all, laughing is happiness.

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