My dog’s feet are popular! by da-AL

56 Facebook friends liked the picture I put up a couple of days ago of my dog’s toes! For all you admirers, here’s a closer look.



Plus another…



What do your dog’s feet look (not to be confused with smell)?

29 thoughts on “My dog’s feet are popular! by da-AL”

  1. I once painted my dogs nails with red polish. My husband came home from work and nearly had a mild heart attack as he thought the dog was injured and bleeding. Oops

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        1. as always, you are so kind, Sharon. Her name is K-D – we got her last year from pound (my experience is that pound pets are the best in terms of gratitude & sturdiness), for my husband’s birthday & he named her with our initials 🙂

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  2. It’s not your dogs feet I like … it’s your company whilst you post your dogs feet!
    I have lived the way I have because that’s how life dished me out my meals.
    Yours sincerely.

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    1. Pets are so important for emotional health – all apartments should allow, unless one has shown to be negligent at training and cleaning up after their pets. Doubly so for parents of teens – essential to have someone ecstatic each time you get home, even if its only to put out trash.

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