Thank You by Marie Williams

mariewhiterosesThank You

Thank you.   Two small words.  How often we use these words each day, so that it has become watered down and is said sometimes without much thought to what it really means.  But these two words are an indication of our knowledge of the place we hold in this vast universe.  What a huge thought!  Let’s think about this: thank you means that we are not alone.  To say “thank you” indicates that there is someone else there and that we are part of a great scheme.  A scheme which we cannot comprehend in all its entirety.  The complexity of life is such that we cannot hope to ever understand all that it is: only parts are revealed to us and each of us experiences these parts in varying degrees dependent upon our life experiences.

So when we say thank you, we are accepting that we are supported, we are cared for, we are needed, there is someone else who we can turn to, because when you say thank you, you are not saying it to yourself are you?  You have acknowledged that someone else is there to say thank you to.  Someone who has done something for you which has improved your day in some way.  And however small this act has been, from stepping out of the way when you pass each other on the escalator, picking up something from the ground that you failed to notice that you had dropped, giving up their place on the bus so that you can sit, moving up a bit so there’s room for you, watering your plants while you’re away on holiday, or however big this act has been, like sitting by your hospital bed, full of dread, but smiling anyway, so that you know there is hope.

“Thank you” more complex than at first viewed when examined thoroughly through the lens of the human experience. So, we are agreed that thank you says that we are not alone, that we are supported, that we are loved and cared for.  Thank you acknowledges that we are not alone.  Two small words, spoken every day between two, or three, four, maybe more, speak volumes.  Those words are a wonderful gift and a gift like that is something we must be thankful for.
~ Marie Williamsmariebutterlfy

Marie’s blog: ComeFlywithme ~ Dispensing Compassion through Poetry

Written by Marie for my, da-AL’s blog.

26 thoughts on “Thank You by Marie Williams”

    1. Why thank you Sharon! Those two words when spoken sincerely speak volumes don’t they? And that makes everyone feel good. Have you noticed when you say thank you that there is a tendency to smile when it’s said? 🙂

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  1. A wonderful entreaty, Marie, and I tend to view true gratitude – the sincerely felt expression of it, rather than the mere social requirement for acknowledgment – as a gateway to empathic understanding.

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    1. Thank you Hariod. And I agree entirely with your view on true gratitude, which I hope was evident when reading between the lines. Thank you though for being so specific. As always your comments are truly appreciated.

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