Guest Blog Post: “The Mind of Mine,” in Cezane’s Exact Words – Part 1 of 7


Science had always been a fascinating subject to me since when I was a little kid who just got introduced to it. Never did I realize then that it was just a channel for me to pass through in order to come to realization of where my true self, will, passion and power lies in this World.

When I was eleven, the World experienced one of the biggest calamities of the century, if not the biggest so far…Tsunami. It was all over the news and everywhere you went, everyone would be talking about it.

I remember it filled me with so much curiosity as to why the was Ocean so mad, why did it create such massive waves? Exactly what is the science behind this? This is when I found myself subjected to the news channel, stunned and amazed by the nature of this disaster.

Indeed, Science caught my eye, my mind, but what truly captured my heart for the first time too at that moment was when I would see the victims of the calamity.

Thousands dying, many caught in the moment, struggling to survive. Some seeking refuge, many unable to receive aid, and thousands of children Orphaned. This is exactly what struck the mind of mine.

The interest of science got bullied out as my emotions would build up running through my veins to take charge of my mind while I think of who would help the people I had just seen on the news.

Why is everyone so busy with their life here?

Why aren’t we doing something about this…? They need us, they are in pain.

Is distance all the excuse we have in vain?

Is the help going there sufficient?

Writer: Cezane from Cezane Connects.

Written by Cezane for this, da-AL’s blog.

4 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: “The Mind of Mine,” in Cezane’s Exact Words – Part 1 of 7”

  1. It always breaks my heart to see anyone in pain, regardless of the reason for it. You just wish that you could reach to everyone and help in some way.

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