Guest Blog Post: “The Mind of Mine,” in Cezane’s Exact Words – Part 5 of 7

cezane5During my mid-teen years, I became very good friends with a few members from the Red Cross society around my home city. Some knew about a few orphanages near my home city. I recall requesting them to take me there someday because I wished to have a look around, and to be in the presence of such children. After I finished my final high school exams, that day came. My friends took me to these places, two precisely.

It was a beautiful visit and I cherished every moment I had there, but when I put forth my intent…

One mentioned to me that the Children are not for adoption since almost all of them belong to single parents who need support financially to cover the education of their kids. The second place was purely in decline, as to not offering the kids for adoption. And I could tell it was clearly because my age spoke louder than my heart. How can they risk a child’s fate on an eighteen year old kid?

This again, was painful to perceive. I was heartbroken for it seemed that the dream I chased was not one I could fulfill. But my mind…this mind of mine, did not accept defeat. It got angry, more so through my own sufferings, that I persevered in my life, which amplified my state of being entangled between a dream and a comma.

This mind of mine produced what happens to be ‘phases’ towards the once upon a time dream it carried…

Writer: Cezane from Cezane Connects.

Written by Cezane for this, da-AL’s blog.

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