Guest Blog Post: “The Mind of Mine,” in Cezane’s Exact Words – Part 6 of 7

cezane6Phase 1: “They won’t let you adopt a child, right? That’s fine. I will build my own orphanage. I will not have just one child for I realize now my love is even more than before. There will be quite a number and I will be in their presence in one community and home.”

Phase 2: “It seems difficult, doesn’t it? You can’t even be able to seek what you wanted before, getting to help just one child in adoption, what makes you think you’re capable of building your own Orphanage and have many?”

“You know what, when I will build it, I will join in another block building of a recreational centre such as funfairs, leisure place, etc., for the kids, so that they can enjoy life too. Also, another block of learning centre where it will be all free for them to seek education and be what they want in life. Oh, and a park in between these would make it perfect.”

Phase 3: “But what happens when the child grows up and becomes an adult? This world is tough and messed up; they might not live happily ever after.”

“Okay, we will add another block…This won’t just be for them, but for the rest of the people around who are in need of help similar help too. It will hold free counseling/coaching, a job placement agency, and college sponsorship applications activities. In this way, it will bridge education and smooth life afterward.”

Phase 4: “That’s smart buddy, but all this… just one centre, one place. What about the rest of the world? There are more children, more people suffering at all the corners of the globe. What you going to about it? Are those not your problems too?”

“You know what? There will be a centre in every single country! The headquarters will be here at my hometown, but this organization will be there, at least one in every country. We will reach out to every single person, every single country…we will!”

Phase 5: “You’re just angry; you’re being unrealistic and even bailing in your true passion which is to be a good cook. What about it, sacrifice?

“Oh, it fits in well. I got myself a job in the kitchen staff of this organization of mine. I shall be cooking the most delicious meals for my children with my own hands, as I visit every centre throughout the year. I will be the best cook in the World for them, for sure I will!”

Writer: Cezane from Cezane Connects.

Written by Cezane for this, da-AL’s blog.

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