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Fellow blogger Marquessa is one smart cat. She’s the best kind of writer — the kind who, on her blog Simply Marquessa: Life is just a story, helps promote other writers!

Thank you, Ryan McGuire of Gratisography!
Thank you, Ryan McGuire of Gratisography!

Here’s her newest list of authors that she recommends we all support:

Published or Just Days/Weeks Away From Being Published

KE GarlandI’m Kathy. I host an inspirational blog and my upcoming book The Unhappy Wife aims to do the same: inspire. It is inspired by 12 women’s real marriages and meant to help women, married or not, to think about who we are before, during and after marriage. It’s also unique in that there’s an afterword by an online relationship coach. It’s available for pre-order via Amazon right now. But if you’re interested in the paperback, you’ll have to wait until October 20th and also follow my blog for details 😉

Alexis RoseMy book is called Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph by Alexis Rose
Check it out, read the reviews, perhaps you would like to read it too. Its available in both ebook, and paperback.

Nesie’s PlaceI’m Felicia! I am ONE WEEK away from PUBLICATION DAY! I’m nervous but excited! This book has been a looonnng time in the making, and as hard as it is to walk away from, I’m about to do just that. Okay, maybe not this very second…but soon! 

“In The Best Interest of the Child” by Felicia Denise

Synopsis: Ten-year-old Olivia Chandler has a school she loves, good friends, a nice home, a talented mom, and a successful father she adores. Tragedy rips all of this away from her, and plunges Olivia into the foster care system, where for eight years she is neglected, humiliated, abused, and nearly raped.

Fate smiles on Olivia shortly before she ages out of the system, allowing her the means to attend college and law school.

Years later, Olivia is a successful child advocate attorney, giving a voice to children who are so easily ignored by those claiming to act in their best interest. She has little time for personal relationships, and her lifelong fear of abandonment reminds her never to get too close to anyone.

The successful attorney stumbles though when she’s assigned a case by the court that too closely mirrors her own haunted childhood. Olivia never gives her minor clients less than her all, and the only way she can help her eleven year old client is to face down and acknowledge her demons. This same case also brings a man into her life who sees her for who she truly is, and will not allow Olivia to push him away.*

Enjoy this small glimpse of Olivia Chandler and Bruce Bellamy navigating their way to friendship…and more.

Add “In The Best Interest of the Child” to your Goodreads TBR.

JL Hunt:  I have two children’s books,”Beautiful Boy” & Beautiful Girl” now available on Amazon, that help inspire & motivate children to value & to believe in themselves. You’re also welcome to check out my other writings on my blog.

SoLifeGoesOn: “Rainbows But Not Unicorns: My Adoption Truth” is one of several books listed on the blog. I apologize to So Life Goes On who tried to post information and a link but the comments section was missing when she tried.

Writers On The Path To Being Published

KPhoenix: My novel, Secrets Unveil, isn’t publish yet; but I am moving at a snail pace. I’m just not sure whether to go with an agent or self-publish. Anyway, my novel, (an erotic romance) is about two young adults fighting through the obstacles that is keeping them from being together. When you love someone, you end up doing something you never thought you would do, even if that means breaking the law. You can check out the synopsis by clicking the link below. Looking forward to checking everyone published and almost published novel.

Brickley JulesI’m so close to publishing, my self-inflicted deadline is October. I have opted for the self-publishing route as I already had a sense of how to do it from a project I did with my daughter. And I like to be my own boss. I want to decide what my cover looks like and what my title is. This choice could bite my in the butt later, we’ll see. My novel, Her Unexpected Life, follows recently separated, Valerie Cooper, on her journey to learn to live again. She finds help along the way from a new friend, who just might want to be more than friends. Can she survive the crazy men in her life? You can find the *first chapter of some of my works in progress on my website under the Work In Progress tab under Books. Or use this link to get there. *They are all draft versions and subject to change.

A Reading WriterI want to share my upcoming debut book. It is not a novel but a poetry book which will feature 100 original poems that are not posted in my blog nor in my Twitter, IG and Facebook accounts. I am done with the first draft and I am now in the layout process. I am both excited and nervous.🙂

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