Challenge Answer 1 by da-AL

Helen Keller quote about challenge

Fellow blogger Harvard challenged me to post 3 quotes, each regarding adventure, while following these rules:

  1. Either once a day for three days, post a quotation, or post all 3 quotations at one time. It is your choice.
  1. Nominate and notify three other bloggers of the challenge.
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

My first ‘challenge’ nomination is Sharon Bonin-Pratt, who’s fabulous love of laughter and of the arts shows through and through on her colorful blog.

Harvard covers a host of topics on his blog, often linking to the experiences of what its like to forge a successful new life in America. Thank you, Harvard, for passing this challenge to me.

Helen Keller is a great inspiration to me. Find out more about her.

11 thoughts on “Challenge Answer 1 by da-AL”

    1. Just wrote to him on his blog – all ok! Again, you are wonderful to have noticed his absence. a good reminder of how kind blog world can be, as well as how we ought to let people know we’re ok even if we can’t blog much

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  1. Oh my goodness, how surprised I was to see myself nominated to participate in this challenge. Thank you, Daal, for your kind words – I’m humbled.

    Please give me a few days to figure out what I want to post and to choose three other bloggers.

    Be well,
    Shari *: )

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    1. Hi Shari – please forgive my oafishness for forgetting to notify you personally – I posted it before I went to bed very late, then have been super busy all day, only getting online now. The pleasure is mine – not meant to be any sort of pressure – no deadlines.

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