Still Behind: How to Relieve Anxiety by da-AL

Dirty digits handling a heart-shaped box.
Michisimas gracias to Ryan McGuire of Gratisography.

Did you laugh at the last post? Or did it get you worked up worse than you already were?

Here’s the antidote, according to “Relieve Anxiety with Medical Hypnosis” author Steven Gurgevich, Ph.D.:

  1. Repeat the list from the post just before this one, How to Make Yourself Anxious, and do the opposite.
  2. Learn self-hypnosis and other highly effective relaxation methods.

Later on in CD1, he adds, “Twenty minutes of laughter has as much, if not more, benefits as half an hour of aerobic exercise.” Twenty minutes?! I feel lucky when I get in a few guffaws a day!

Ok – maybe I cheated with this short second post for the day – but now I’m only one post behind on my 30-day challenge, so there – ppthhpthpffthpppt.

What makes you laugh? Do you laugh 20 minutes a day?

Dr. Steven Gurgevich’s site

15 thoughts on “Still Behind: How to Relieve Anxiety by da-AL

  1. I saw a documentary a few weeks ago, where a person wakes up in the morning and start with a ‘laugh-session’. It seems indeed to help you unwind and start your refreshed. However, not my ‘cup-of-tea’.
    Walking in the morning with my dogs, watching the sun rise…that’s enough to put a smile on my face 😉

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  2. I don’t necessarily laugh for 20 minutes everyday, but I’ll have to try to if it’s as good as 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. I would have got my quota in the last couple of days when the grandkids were over and we were in stitches reading some Mo Willems stories. 🙂

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