Complainers Unite! The Power of P’s: a Video by da-AL

My 9th assignment for Toastmasters was to write and perform a ‘persuade with power’ speech. Given how ineptly my first speech was, its easy to see my progress. It’ll take many more speeches, though, to get as good as I’d like…

People call me a complainer, but I consider it a compliment.

Have you heard about the benefits of positive affirmations on flash cards? How motivational gurus encourage us to, “Think positive, write your goals down, look at them daily, and your wildest aspirations will become realities.”

Here’s mine:

  • I am compassion incarnate
  • Whatever I touch turns into profit
  • I am a yoga pretzel
  • A single one of my pawns will decimate any of Bobby Fischer’s chess moves
  • Compared me, superstars are repulsive
  • Albert Einstein is my mental inferior

These affirmations are paper-clipped. I hate wasting perfectly good index cards. I hate affirmations. They work for me, but in reverse. When I read them, an imaginary maniacal voice shouts, “Untrue! Never!”

Fear not. I am no personal growth guru, but I am here to persuade you to kick aside positivity for something that works for me: The Power of Complaining.

Who make positive differences to the world? Complainers! They give courage to the timid!

The trick is to employ The Power of P’s.

When you:

  • Complain, people will hate you because…
  • Problems are exposed.
  • Probabilities form, bringing…
  • Possibilities, which result in…
  • Solutions!

Complaining enriches life. It can be hard, long work, maybe take after your dead to work, but eventually your complaining will have made a difference.

Employ the Power of P’s long enough, and you’ll be lauded as a trailblazer, a hero. People who opposed you will be jostling to take credit for your ideas.

For example, in the 1700s, a few people complained about the insanity of slavery. The majority told them to shut up. Thank goodness they didn’t! Their complaining gave courage for others to join their ranks. If they have been silent for even a second, where would we be today?!

This holds true for any civil rights movement. If women ever stop complaining, we’ll be shoved back into the house, stripped of choices. More recently, complainers argue for a clean environment and safe food, which helps everyone.

Embrace the power of complaining and activate the Power of P’s.

Are you a complainer?

7 thoughts on “Complainers Unite! The Power of P’s: a Video by da-AL”

        1. Whew – sounds a lot tougher than Toastmasters. At Toastmasters, we’re instructed to applaud anything & everything. Judging, but only the ‘did you win?’ kind, is only at contests.

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