A Literary Agent’s Response After My AIDS Posts by da-AL

Disappointment ala the incredibly talented and generous Ryan McGuire
Disappointment ala the incredibly talented Ryan McGuire of gratisography.com

Sharing another step in my journey as a blogger/novelist…

All was polite enough between the stellar literary agent and me, the one who I hoped to entice to represent me after reading my blog.

Our polite exchange over now, though, her timing continues to nag at me. Why did she choose right after this one, not any of the at least six other updates over the past several months, to tell me that she wants off my email reminder list (not to be confused with ‘follower’ list)?


This was the exchange between a potential literary agent and me.
This was the exchange between a potential literary agent and me.

Your thoughts welcome…

7 thoughts on “A Literary Agent’s Response After My AIDS Posts by da-AL

  1. Eek! You never know about people and what they’re going through. Plus, I just finished reading the Four Agreements and was reminded “don’t take anything personally.” Although, this is a bit rude and untimely.

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  2. The following are the clever and amusing thoughts of a fellow blogger who generously allowed me to post them here, so long as I keep them anonymous:

    I read this a few hours ago and have been too stunned to even write you.

    Honestly, I don’t know what to think. She (guess a “she?”) seems to have connected the post with her desire to be removed. But I think any follower can remove herself from a blog, right? So why the dramatic sucker punch? Heartless? Clueless? Insensitive? Callow?

    I have no idea, Da Al. Even if I knew her name and knew who she was, whom she represents, I can’t imagine what’s on her mind.

    I wouldn’t want an agent like this. No matter her reasoning or her prejudices, she’s revealed herself to have unacceptable characteristics.

    Agents are a funny crew. They state what they’re looking for and I wonder why. Why don’t they just latch on to a story that takes their breath away and sell the idea to an editor who will publish and promote it? Are agents actually the reading style setters for the public? Are we missing great books because Saucy Redpen is only looking for steampunk romance cozy mysteries? Because Jumpin Mealymouth has a special connection to an editor who can’t stand historical fiction no matter how outstanding but has a thing for erotic science fiction? Or because Ego E. Narcissist accepts religious fiction as long as only his religion is cast in a good light?

    Another blogger’s book was accepted because he mentioned in the query
    that he liked the same sports team that he knew the agent loved. Like, seriously? Writers must start to please the personal whims of agents?

    Don’t lose sleep over this, it is not worth even trying to figure out. I would chalk it up to a match that would drain your patience and leave you empty handed and exhausted and probably still without a contract.


  3. To me it’s about choices. Either you ask the agent, if it’s about the subject or if it’s about – it could be just as simple as that- getting to much emails,or you choose to leave it as is.
    Although I’m a person who still has to learn to let go, in this case I really think I would let it go 😉

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