Guest Blog Post: “Meet my Mbee…” by Akshitha Javahar

Hoping you enjoy Akshitha’s charming post as I do. Now I can add ‘cows’ to my list of topics covered within this blog! While North American cows don’t snack on dosa or chapatti, lucky Indian ones do! – da-AL

“Meet my Mbee…” by Akshitha Javahar



There is this really cute calf that comes to graze in front of my house. She is actually my neighbour’s calf. I feed her bits of dosa, bread, chapatti or banana peels every day. Though initially I thought of naming her, I changed my mind later on when my neighbour told me they hadn’t named her yet. So now I simply call her onomatopoeically ‘’mbeee..” because she keeps calling out” mbeee mbeee” each time she sees me, cajoling me to give her something. As soon as she hears me calling “mbeeeee,’’ she moos back in response and comes running towards me. (It’s so funny! Someone should have taken a video of us !)She then licks my feet and I run my fingers over her soft head (she is really cute).But as soon as she has finished her little snack and she catches me leaving, she calls again..’’mmmbbbeeeeee’’ louder this time. I turn back and wave my empty palms at her. (Which means, I have nothing left) She understands the sign and soon she stops her moos and goes back to grazing. Today I gave her rice and rice water for a change and I think she liked it. I saw her munching happily. She even gave me a happy moo in response. Since she seemed happy I thought of taking a picture but, unfortunately, this was the response.

( Hope this post made you smile.)

For more by Akshitha, visit her lovely blog by clicking here!

19 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: “Meet my Mbee…” by Akshitha Javahar”

  1. I’m very happy to see a post about a cow and seeing animals loved by humans is always very glad to me. I have 6 hens now, 6 cats and a dog and in the nodtra family they are very loved and we think of them every day and we love them all. I wish you serenity and happiness to you and your family and your animals. 😊😘
    ( sorry for mistakes,I’m from Italy)

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