Yet Another Attempt for Redemption by Harshvardhan Shukla

Enjoy this blog’s (da-AL’s) first guest post …

A few years ago, I wasn’t really a big fan of literature. As a matter of fact, I was completely involved in the technicality and complexity of “Mechanical Components” during my undergrad years.

Harshvardhan Shukla smiling and walking down the road, hoping for something good to happen.
Harshvardhan Shukla smiles and walks down the road, hoping for something good to happen.

It was only when I began working as an analyst that I discovered the beauty of reading and analyzing from industrial journals. My joy was enhanced by the fact that I was making getting paid for the experience.

I am from Pune, India. These days I reside in Pennsylvania where I am pursuing a Masters in Business Analytics. Fortunately, I have plenty of time to visit public libraries, where I read more than corporate and industrial tomes. It wasn’t until I met people at libraries that I realized how bizarre the skills that I possess as a writer are. I am able to write a blog or an article within minutes with the help of my quick and witty thinking, add a little humor to it, and thus make it a little captivating.

Before I knew it, I was visiting a variety of libraries for fun in addition to browsing various styles of literature. The self-help section showed me that others share my interests.

More than 90% of U.S. libraries offer free internet, a service that attracts a surprisingly large audience. At libraries, not only do I expand my reading horizon, but I meet new people.

As a result, I started a blog where I now channel my personal thoughts onto my own website. This is something I never before imagined I would do.

I am honored to write my first guest post for da-AL, a brilliant blogger with an even more brilliant approach towards writing. As she mentioned, a public library is indeed a paradise. It is a dynamic, versatile community that offers so much to people and it provides a place where people can organize their thoughts.

Harshvardhan Shukla’s blog.

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